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What You Get

One year of search engine marketing (SEM) to 10x your visibility at the most critical time...when parents and students are searching for you. 

Value-driven landing pages to convert window shoppers into interested prospects.

Customer experience training to put the prospects in the hero position.

The Benefits

  • More time with your family, and less time at the office.

  • Less time tracking down leads and more time counting applications.

  • More time you are getting a standing ovation at board meetings and less stress on your marketing budget.

Cost & Details


  • We will create ads for Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, using our proven and highly customizable system.

  • We will review your campaigns daily to ensure they are optimized for maximum effectiveness.

  • You will receive personalized, twice-monthly updates with data and recommendations you can use to improve all aspects of your marketing. Click here to see an example.



$600/mo or $6,000/yr for three platforms
$150/mo or $1,500/yr for each additional platform

(this is our fee; it does not include actual ad spend)

Landing Pages

  • The story you start to tell continues with dynamic and value-driven landing pages.

  • "Attend our admission event." "Download our E-Guide." "Learn about our newest programs."

  • You will get the information necessary to bring secret shoppers out of the shadows and into your system.


$1,500/yr for creation and maintenance of 3 distinct landing pages

$600/yr for additional landing pages

Customer Experience Training

  • We will provide a personalized audit to improve your lead to applications ratio. 

  • Your first-contact team will have parents banging down your door to send their child to your school.


$3,400 for a detailed Cx audit and (6) hours of training for all interested members of the school community.

Full Package: $10,900 - $900 = $10,000

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