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We are a joyful mix of "retired" independent school and camp marketing, admission, and communication pros, and digital marketing experts coming together to help you design your ultimate enrollment through edge-defining excellence.

Trevor Waddington, Principal

I am an Educational Entrepreneur and outcome-driven fanatic! Before founding Truth Tree, I was an independent school director of admission, marketing, communications, financial get the picture. I was also a summer camp counselor, marketing guy, and director. Early on, I made decisions that felt right. I went with my gut.


Today I'm a family man, author, speaker, innovator, and action leader in the advancement of independent education. Decisions that work come from data-driven research, analysis, and testing. Decisions at home are made by my family. I'm just along for the ride.

Brianna Banks, Director of Client Relations

Once you've decided to partner with Truth Tree, I will be your guide to ensure the smoothest onboarding process.


Nothing goes to our clients without my final review. Nothing goes to print without my witness. I'm the one that pesters the team to make sure our work is beyond an A...think: A++.

Jeremy Merkle, Director of Digital Marketing

A great idea remains just that without a clear process and diligent execution. As an experienced Project Manager, I embrace the chance to develop incredible ideas into streamlined workflows. As a Marketeer, I believe combining research, data, and analysis with a little bit of creativity is a recipe for success. As a leader, I garner buy-in at all levels and focus efforts towards a common goal.


In any case, if there isn't a way to deliver outstanding results, I'll make one.

Rica Perez, Chief Growth Marketing Strategist

To remain viable to our school and camp partners, we need to stay on the cutting edge of what's going on out there. That's what I do, make sure we stay industry-informed.

Anastasia Chichinadze, Chief Campaign Designer

How, When, What and Where - From creating comprehensive marketing plans to robust project management, we provide data-driven, outcome-oriented, utmost, and comprehensive solutions to ensure your success story and it’s my daily responsibility to design, execute & optimize your unrivaled digital campaigns & beyond.

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