Truth Tree Consulting specializes in market research, enrollment management strategies, and digital marketing solutions that position you for edge-defining excellence.



Market Research

Your enrollment is a reflection of your market, so it is critical to have the deepest understanding of those who can help you realize your ultimate enrollment.

Accessing your mission-appropriate prospective students and families is made easy with Truth Tree's clarity-building processes.

Who are your

"best" families?

Where do
they live?

What are they thinking?

What do they value?

How do you attract them?

Once our process is complete, you will know exactly how to communicate your unique value to families with unwavering confidence.

Digital Marketing

Looking for a quick hitter? Keep reading.

Ready to dive in and learn about Truth Tree's Enrollment Edge™ Digital Marketing System? You know what to do!

Our influential online campaigns are tailored to meet the unique needs of every preschool, private school and summer camp.


We perform in-depth research and careful analysis of your goals, core values, and processes to create powerful and effective digital marketing campaigns.


Forget about PPC ads that do not work for you or social media attempts that generate little to no results. We are your trusted experts in finding the right campaigns to bring every success to your brand.

Our cost-effective and transformative digital marketing services

require uniquely created solutions effective in the promotion of schools and camps across online platforms.


We deliver successful results with the following services:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

  • Social Media Marketing & Optimization (SMM & SMO).

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Content Marketing.

The combination of our market research and digital marketing services will have you filling in the blanks below. Then you can start designing your ultimate enrollment instead of reactively managing it.

Enrollment Design

Our enrollment design process will:

  • identify challenges in your admission funnel.

  • optimize your admission and enrollment procedures.

  • provide you a predictive and prescriptive matriculation plan.

  • give you specific tactics to retain more students.

  • help you define your ultimate enrollment.

If you are ready to transform your school or camp’s enrollment into one you've been dreaming about, Truth Tree Consulting is here to provide the value you seek!

Yup! We are doubling down on our push to change the paradigm from reactive enrollment management to proactive enrollment design and engineering.

Market research and digital marketing can only take you so far. 

Truth Tree Consulting



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