I did some light adjusting to the local campaign. It's starting to creep closer to a 2% engagement rate. There's a LOT of competition for some of the keywords. A little digging and we are seeing in that competition pool a 46% increase in the number of entities paying for those keywords in November as opposed to last year. Translation: more preschools, in particular, are using Google Ads and/or using them more effectively than last year.


The cure for this is creating more longtail keywords. 


If you have some time, I'd love some of your ideas. 


Regular keyword: preschool


  • preschool near me with yoga that's progressive

  • a preschool that goes past kindergarten

While you may only get 1 or 2 of the above searches in a year, it's worth it because the cost per click will be pennies and it would be right in your wheelhouse. 


All that said, I know your main goal is to get brand recognition in the greater area, so let me know your thoughts. We can create a new campaign with just longtails. 


Also, the medium brush campaign is trending over 9%, which is amazing!!


How are things looking on your end with inqs and apps? 

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