Private School Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Branding Your School

by Allan Hopkins, Digital Marketing Designer, Truth Tree Consulting

Do you need to drum up more interest in your private school, but you aren’t sure where to start? It all starts with the right branding and marketing. Without the right branding and marketing, potential parents of students will be confused about your school and not sure if it’s the right fit for their kids.

Even worse, you may be giving off the wrong impression. With this in mind, read on to learn all about private school marketing to get on the right foot this year!

1. Hone Your Brand

Before you begin your extensive marketing campaign, you’ll need to make sure that your brand is in line with your school’s culture and values. The visual elements part of a brand are typically:

  • Logo

  • Typography

  • Imagery

  • Color palette

  • Graphic elements

Although it may seem like a lot, creating a quality brand for your school doesn’t mean you need to go overboard. Work with professionals to choose a color palette of no more than three colors that match the look and feel of your school.

The imagery and graphical elements should mirror some of the colors you’ve chosen as well as remain cohesive across your website, print material, and social media channels. The key to creating a strong brand identity is simplicity and cohesiveness.

2. Improve Your Website

Once you’ve locked down the elements of your brand identity, you’ll want to focus on your website as the next logical step. This is because your school’s website serves as its hub.

People who find you via word of mouth or online will naturally navigate to your website to learn more about your school, the curriculum, and the culture. Your social media accounts should also clearly show your website address within your bios so people will always know how to take the next step.

Here are a few items that your website needs to absolutely excel at:


Your website needs to be easily accessible through every device: mobile, tablet, and desktop.


Your website needs to be able to load its pages quickly. Even if they take only a few seconds to load, people have gotten used to fast loading speeds. If you make them wait, there’s the chance they’ll lose interest.

Easy to Navigate

Your site visitors shouldn’t have to click more than two or three times to find the information they’re looking for. If they have to navigate with more clicks, this probably means a lot of necessary information is buried within menus. Keep your site structure simple!


If you don’t have a budget for a website designer, utilize templates online that will give your website a professional look instantly. Then, customize the colors, font, and imagery to match the brand design decisions you’ve made in step one.

3. Improve Your SEO

SEO is a tricky beast as it’s always changing depending on the newest algorithmic updates Google pushes through. However, there are a few rules of thumb that will help get you started. To improve the SEO on your website, start with:

  • Creating quality content

  • Consistently posting quality content

  • Linking to your quality content

What is quality content? It’s content that helps people with their problems that relate to your school, offer them tips or advice, or entertains them. For instance, blog articles or videos on the history of your school and why it was founded would be valuable.

4. Build Community

Now that you have a well-designed, responsive website filled with valuable content, you’ll want to build your social media presence in order to foster a sense of community. Facebook is a great choice because you’ll be connecting directly with parents who will also be able to leave reviews on your Facebook page.

You can post your latest blog updates onto your Facebook page to direct more people to your website, along with posting about the latest Events. You can even create groups that families can join in order to interact and engage with one another.

5. Online Advertising

Facebook has one more perk that’s absolutely necessary for the growth of your private school: online advertising. Facebook is unique because users are easily able to target their advertising to specific people.

You can target your ad audience based on where they’re located, their hobbies, ages, and more. You can retarget certain segments of your audience based on whether they’ve viewed your website and clicked on your ad.

If you’re advertising for a specific event, you can even send them to a separate landing page instead of your website in order to simplify the information they see and help them take immediate action.

Smart Private School Marketing for Your School’s Growth

Smart private school marketing is all about making specific and cohesive choices that articulate the value your school provides for students. In order to reach the parents who are most interested in what your school has to offer, your branding needs to be able to relate to them in some way.

Furthermore, your website and social media presence need to be strong and consistent in order to stay at the top of people’s minds. The right marketing strategy takes time and effort, but it pays off with an established, engaged, and prolific student body.

Ready to begin marketing your private school? Contact us today to start honing your marketing strategy!

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