Meet The Newest Member of Your Enrollment Management Team

“Whoa, slow down! What do you mean our school needs a Facebook page? That’s for young people to keep tabs on their friends. A prestigious private school certainly does not belong there,” said most of you circa 2007, I’m betting.

It’s eleven years later. Are you ready for the next wave? Here goes.

If you do not have someone in your office solely dedicated to producing quality content for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, AND voice-first AI like Alexa (an Alexa Skill), stop reading. Take a breath. Find a student or young person to help you write a job description. Post it. Hire that person ASAP.

Here are FIVE reasons you need someone completely dedicated to this right now:

1. Post Relevance. Your school should be posting on social media ALL THE TIME and to do that, you need someone dedicated to producing and posting ALL THE TIME. When I first started doing social, the “experts” said private schools should only be posting relevant stuff a few times a week. And guess what: today’s influencers were posting all the time and along the way gaining critical numbers of likes and followers. When the next platform appears, get on it, know it, and push content onto it.

2. Right place; wrong content. If you have your highly formal, promo videos and vignettes on YouTube and Facebook, that’s great. But unless you have ever flowing content to tell a compelling story where the viewer can enter into your story and become a hero, than you need to re-look at your digital marketing strategy. I’m a firm believer that your school is 5% unique. Meaning ninety-five percent of what you do can be claimed by another school, probably in your competitive sphere. So, create 30-60 second compelling vids that are distinct to your brand’s 5%. Then push that content out over and over again. In the words of someone who is an expert at this, 🤢 “Believe me when I tell you”, when you start to think it’s overkill, that’s when prospectives will start believing it.

3. Where the teens are. For 🤔….…ever, we have geared our marketing and promotional strategy toward parents. According to me and Edtech Magazine, in the last two years the number of middle and high school students researching private/independent schools have doubled. And I think we can all agree more students at all grade levels are in the driver seat when it comes to picking which school they will attend among those they were accepted to. If that’s the case, you need to up your ”cool factor” among prospective students. That means meeting them where they spend NINE hours every day, on their top three apps: YouTube, SnapChat, and Instagram.

4. Hey Alexa: An Alexa Skill is like a piece of property. Once you claim it, it’s yours. So you need to have someone dedicated to learning what the heck it is and learning how to utilize it for internal and external audiences. Why should you act so fast? Do you know why so many famous people have the Twitter handle @realFirstLastName? Because some smart scammers trolled all the famous names and then when Twitter blew up, tried to sell the famous their handle. And for many it worked. Once you capture a niche in the voice-first market, as of now, it’s yours. So when I ask Alexa, “What’s the greatest private school in the world” the answer could be whatever YOU tell her to say.

5. Do ya know? Are you familiar with Quora? ASKfm? Telegram? Kik? Good, neither am I, that’s why I hired someone to investigate the usability of these apps and platforms to determine their interface value for prospective customers of DCschoolHUB, NYmetroSchools, Private School Concierge, and Truth Tree. If they can be used to directly interact with prospective clients, I want in. And so should you.

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