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Take it from the pros who have been in your shoes.

Step-by-step simplicity from pros who have been in your shoes. While many are looking at what you are doing, we are looking at what your prospects are doing.


Did you hear that? That's the sound of you breaking from the pack as we leave no doubt that you are a considerable value for families.


We have a distinct combo of innovative professionals from the education, business, design and start-up sectors.


As employees, we've blundered. As business leaders, we've floundered. As marketers, we've missed the mark. Each failure is another reason why Truth Tree is uniquely positioned to make a difference for you. We know what is at stake because we have been in your shoes. 


We have the deepest understanding of how parents' consider purchasing services for their children through our management of two school search websites. Take a look below.



Why do parents want your services?
How do they evaluate and consume information?
What is their thought process when making big-ticket purchases?

No other group can answer these questions like us.


Truth Tree manages and, 

two community resources for families seeking

preschools and private schools

Each day, hundreds of visitors to our sites tell us an

analytic story about what they are searching for, what

content keeps their attention, and what they value in

an educational experience.


The data we are able to analyze from real parents (and students)

performing real searches is invaluable.



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