Case Study


Far Brook School is a progressive independent school in Short Hills, New Jersey. Located on a picturesque wooded campus, the school serves students in nursery through eighth grade.



Progressive schools are often misunderstood. From the students they serve to the philosophy they teach, schools like Far Brook often have to explain themselves. This creates a "sales barrier" and can attract students who are not a good fit.  Our challenge was to build awareness to families who would value a hands-on, collaborative, and appropriately-paced educational opportunity at a progressive school.


Our Work

Digital marketing campaigns to a specific audience and particular personas. The ads' contents were dependent on the time of year and when families were entering the admission process.

Anatomy of this Ad

Our strategy was to position Far Brook as the well-paced alternative to the fast-paced schools in their market. Being "well-paced" is a key featured of the School's ethos. It is also attractive for those families who want their children to enjoy childhood and learn in the most meaningful manner.

This ad was for local families where proximity to their child's school would be important. 

We reinforced the progressive philosophy with a testimonial in the description. The use of special characters in digital ad copy is a strong way to get "eyes-on."



Our primary goal was to attract more like-minded families via digital ads. 

We were excited to see the steady increase in inquiries vs. previous years, but that was not our primary focus. We knew to help them grow enrollment, they needed a robust applicant pool.

To achieve a large, mission-appropriate applicant pool, we need to keep Far Brook top-of-mind. Naturally, we launched a series of retargeting campaigns. The contents of this campaign were based on qualitative feedback and transformed into clear, value-driving ads.

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A 30.32% increase in inquiries not bad, but most important...

A 93% increase in applications


We are finally capturing an audience we have been after for a while.
- Emi Ithan, Director of Enrollment Management, Far Brook School