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Focused on performance and value for your school or camp.

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Our Approach

The Enrollment Edge™ is about 

  1. gaining attention,

  2. building valueand

  3. getting families to choose you.

That means having a top-notch presence online.


We are obsesssed with maximizing your bottom line. Our program brings you edge-defining Search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), and search engine optimization (SEO), along with all the tracking to craft your ultimate enrollment.  We take what you have and touch all points on a digital medium, tailored to drive the ultimate student body.

Our Process

Collaberation is key, we work with you to figure out what you want.  In order to create something amazing, transparency is important.  Stratagizing with you to handcraft what will drive the most engagement.  We align ourselves around the premise of feedback, if the strategy wont bite, it changes for the better.  There is no one-size-fits-all, that's what separates us from the rest.

Our Results

Anyone can flood your website with clicks. We are concerned with two things: 

  1. What is the quality of the leads coming to your site?

  2. Did we help you increase enrollment?

Focused on results, crafting plans specifically tailored to how you like to run your school

"Truth Tree is my go-to team for Google and Facebook Ads. Their superpower is being able to combine a deep knowledge of digital ad strategy and platforms AND their knowledge of having worked in and understanding schools. That combination is hard to find in the K-12 school space!"

Brendan Schneider

Our Partners

"Truth Tree is incredibly responsive, proactive and knowledgeable about private school and camp digital marketing - specifically search engine optimization, social media marketing, and search engine marketing. I am beyond thrilled with my experience and the results we've seen."

Meghan Hodgin

Packages & Pricing

*The rates for SEO & the All-in-One reflect local SEO service. For national & international SEO, please contact us for a consultation.

Ask us about our other digital-specific services.

Digital ad design

Content marketing

Social media management

Landing/squeeze page curation

Digital prospect lists

Animated explainer videos

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