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Ultimate Enrollment Funnel™ - Email Marketing

A model student and outstanding family start as an inquiry. 

So how do you transform an inquiry into a star evangelist?

Truth Tree’s Ultimate Enrollment Funnel™ is an email marketing package engineered specifically for schools and camps to convert inquiries into enrollees.

How Will Email Marketing Help Me?

Think of the Ultimate Enrollment Funnel™ as the Robin to your Batman, your helpful sidekick that keeps you top-of-mind driving your value higher. Margaret loves your personalized emails and phone calls (maybe texts too), but other schools are working hard to be the top choice for the Pioneer family. Can you keep Margaret’s valuation of your school climbing higher? Are you able to direct communication her way based on her most pressing reasons for looking at a private school education for her daughter?

How It Works


Margaret and her husband feel an independent school education is the best path forward for their daughter, Sophie, who will be entering 5th grade next year. Margaret searches and finds your ad or organic listing thanks to our Enrollment Edge™ digital marketing package. She clicks and finds herself on your custom-built landing page. In addition to emotive, user-centric copy, photos, and videos, there’s a call-to-action form so Margaret can let you know they are interested.


Once the form is filled, Margaret automatically enters into a database and is tagged as a prospective parent with a rising 5th-grade daughter.


She immediately receives a “Thank You; we’ll be in touch” email that links to important information on our site based on factors entered on the landing page form. Throughout the next 4-5 weeks, Margaret will receive five more emails that promote your ethos, expand on your value proposition, and drive her to act - attend an event, apply, schedule the visitation day, etc.


The Truth Tree Ultimate Enrollment Funnel™ is designed to provide several more touchpoints with your potential enrollees and help you record and gather data about what is resonating with them. We achieve these touchpoints through premade emails sent to each user in a particular cadence that is most conducive to moving that user through your customer journey (or funnel), with the final destination being enrolling their children.














What to Expect


This funnel will run and “drip” on anyone who fills out your form when they fill it out in realtime. This means that you will have access to a living database of leads and determine their interest by seeing how they react to the emails and what actions they’re taking after seeing them.


You will no longer have to labor over managing your communications every week to keep leads interested. Instead, you can add your personal touch with a few well-placed communications at the exact right time that the potential parent is most open to moving to the next step in the admission funnel.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Pinpoint your ideal target audience - Yes, we can create a generic landing page for prospects. But an advertisement and landing page for a rising kindergarten parent should look different than one for parents of a rising 9th grader.

  2. What makes you truly unique? - Most independent schools boast small classes and top-notch academics. So what makes you different? The answer to that question should permeate every aspect of your email content pieces.

  3. Choose your path - If you asked your significant other (or your significant other asked you) to get married on the first date, would you have done it? Maybe if you’re a hopeless romantic, but most people would answer no. Based on human nature, we want to build up to the big questions, “will you apply to our school?” and “will you accept our offer of enrollment?” So between the intro email and the last email in the sequence, what content strategy is going to work best for your school?

Packages & Pricing

All packages include a one-time set up fee of $1,200.

What is a "responsible" autoresponder? Often when you fill out a form, you get an email confirming receipt and/or a greeting or call-to-action-type email. Sometimes these hit your inbox immediately. Other times, it's set to 4 hours ahead (which could be 3 AM depending on when you hit 'submit').


At Truth Tree, we want your email to be as authentic as possible. We'll work hand-in-hand with you to find the best timing for your funnel campaign.

Or get all of the above and our SEM | SMM | SEO package with...

The Enrollment Edge™ All-in-One SEO/SEM/SMM


The Ultimate Enrollment Funnel PRO PLUS

$3,655/month + $1,400 one-time set-up fee

The ULTRA Enrollment Edge™ All-in-One Package

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