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Ryan's parents have big plans for his future. 

Do those plans include you?

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Award-winning digital marketing strategies & solutions for schools.

Luke and Nadene want to find a school where Ryan will develop the skills to be a successful life-long learner and person.


Will Luke and Nadene find your school online? Maybe.

Will they have every opportunity to learn about your school? Hopefully.

Will Ryan's parents ultimately choose your school if he's a good fit? Possibly.

Young Parents

At Truth Tree, we know what motivates and engages parents like Nadene and Luke because we've worked in schools as successful marketing and enrollment directors.


We understand how parents shop for and evaluate educational options because our primary focus is connecting right-fit families with you.

Do you want to leave that to chance? No.

Neither do the schools investing in a partnership with us.



Our Services

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(Search, display, and social)


Think: Google ads, Facebook ads, and those ads you see on your favorite websites.

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Email Marketing

You've got their attention,. Now showcase your benefits and turn inquiries into enrollees.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Where your school's listing shows in the organic results. The higher your rank, the "better" you are.

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Content Marketing

Share your story of expertise and excellence. Increase your value in their hearts and minds.

Award-winning Agency

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​ - John Abdelnour, Director of Advancement at Berkeley Hall School

Truth Tree's SEO and SEM strategies are driving healthy traffic to our website and admission event pages. Bottom line—we are seeing results.

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Case Study

We started our partnership with Far Brook School in June 2020. Our collaborative research with their admission and marketing team allowed us to position the School in a  meaningful way to drive interest among mission-appropriate families.

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The result.


We are finally capturing an audience we have been after for a while.
- Emi Ithan, Director of Enrollment Management, Far Brook School

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Enrollment Growth with Truth Tree

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