Be Your School's Hero with Content Marketing that Converts

Did you know, 82% of people have purchased or hired a service from a company as a result of consuming content published online?

Creating great content takes time and effort!

So let Truth Tree take the hassle off your plate.

We will conceive, create, and distribute content that helps families and showcases your thought leadership.

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How Content Marketing Will Help You


First, it's time to put an end to the idea that blogs, ebooks, white papers, and quizzes (yes, quizzes) are cherry-on-top bonuses done only if you have extra time.


Besides the overwhelming statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of content marketing, here are some other reasons how content marketing will help you.


  1. The content, if done right, will help your organic ranking (boosting SEO).

  2. It positions your school and those associated with your school as thought leaders about topics that are important to your target audience.

  3. It will increase your lead list through content subscriptions allowing you to draw them into your funnel.

  4. Your value through content marketing will put your school in the consideration set if positioned correctly toward families with a propensity for your school..

 Your school should be creating content that increases your presence online and nurtures leads and inquiries in your funnel for an enrollment win Boards dream about.

- Meghan Hodgin, Director of Marketing & Communications, Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child

Lindsay is expecting her first child this November. She's very excited but also nervous about being a mom. To help prepare for the big day, she goes to a local parenting website and sees the perfect article for her. Lindsay clicks Read more and is transported to your blog, where she sees more great content. 

She subscribes to the blog and will now be added to the monthly e-newsletter. This lets your school connect with Lindsay until she is ready to apply.


Lindsay even sent your article to her friends who have children who will be ready for your school next year.

How it Increases Your Value

Content marketing for independent school
Top 5 Family Outings in St. Louis for le

Schools are always looking for ways to capture the new-in-town market. Usually, it's by unsuccessfully badgering real estate agents to them hot leads.

The Henderson family is moving to St. Louis and wants to find ways to enjoy their first few weeks as a family. Marty, the oldest of the 3 children Googles, "Family things to do in St. Louis," and look what pops up. Marty shares the article with his family and they are excited to learn about some cost-effective adventures (moving is expensive).

Oh, and Mr. and Dr. Henderson may be looking for an independent school too. Guess who might be on their list?

The Process

  1. Decide & Research - Who are your best-fit families/who are you trying to attract to your school? What problem can you solve? What do they care about? 

  2. Attract - We will create relevant, useful, persona-based content to get their attention and build brand value.

  3. Engage - Using keywords and optimizing your content, we can help you position you to meet best-fit families where they search first...and second...and... 

  4. Result - You just made their life easier, you made them happy, you've helped them move forward...and without advertising your school.


Real Examples​

private school content marketing - Truth
private school ebook for content marketi
How Super Bowl LV Highlights Social Resp

What You Get

Ideas & advice

Let our team help you develop the right content for the right audience.

School content writers

Family-focused writing intended for your target audience wherever they are in their consideration journey. (Are they 1-2 years away from age-eligibility, 3-5 years away, or considering a move in a non-entry year?)

Social & search optimized

We will craft your piece in a manner that mirrors your school's mission and ethos and includes the right mixture of keywords to maximize exposure.

Powerful distribution

We will post and featured your content piece on our two independent school search sites, and We encourage you to pitch your content piece to area family-oriented digital platforms.

Your Investment

Want to chat about your content marketing first?

Get in touch with us at



What is DCschoolHUB and NYmetroSchools?

These two websites are owned by Truth Tree. Each is a school search site specific to the Washington, DC, and NYC metro areas. We will post your content piece on each site (they both received over 150 visitors per day). 

It doesn't matter if you are in either market, the links back to your site greatly help your SEO as well as provide valuable information to parents.

How long does it take from start to finish?
Turn around time is usually 12-18 business days depending on the topic and length requested.

What if a content piece goes over by a few words?
No big deal. 

What if I do not like the article?

No problem. We'll re-write it up to five times. 

Who owns the content?

You do. Consider us ghostwriters. Once it's in your hands, you can add quotes, create new links, and distribute it to the media.