Christ Episcopal School serves children age 2 - grade 8 in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The School sought to bolster enrollment and make an impact on the market with a partnership with a well-known university. 



  1. Increase revenue through enrollment.

  2. Create a signature brand program based on the partnership with Johns Hopkins University School of Education.


Our Work

A new brand image and modified brand identity to attract a larger bandwidth of prospective families.

  • The re-organization and expansion of the preschool program to allow more students to attend per week.

  • The branding of the Learning Integration for Tomorrow: A Values-Centric Education on the Digital Frontier better known as LIFT to define the signature program designed by CES and JHU.


  • An increase in revenue and enrollment over the next three years.

  • A program in LIFT that has gained regional acclaim. 

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