They don't know it yet, but their parents have big plans for them.

Marketing and enrollment support for preschools, private schools, independent schools, summer camps, and more.

Do those plans include you?

We design edge-defining excellence with empathy, analytics, & innovation for schools, camps, and more.


What we do

Let us share a story.

Kurt and Lily Woodson are the proud parents of Sofia and Braydon. The two cute kids you saw above. They have their whole lives ahead of them and Kurt and Lily want them to experience the best life has to offer.


That life may include preschool, private school, independent school, summer day camp, sleepaway camp, activities, and more.

Will Sofia and Braydon be a good fit for you? Maybe.

Do mom and dad know who you are? Possibly.

Do you want to leave that to chance? No

We provide diligent research, meaningful guidance and edge-defining solutions that will ensure Kurt and Lily know who you are and value your unique services.


Kids Activities


Education-based orgs.

Our Work

Truth Tree knows the independent school world, and they understand the importance of putting forth a compelling story that is able to share a school’s authentic strengths.

Margaret Rosser,

Director of Communications

 Sandy Spring Friends School

Our summer camp was floundering. We didn't know from one week to the next if we would have the numbers to break even. Truth Tree helped us get our name out there in new and creative ways, so we weren't lumped in with every other summer program.

Patrick Lample

Bule Road Summer Camp

Owner & Director

Enrollment is up 29% from the same time last year.

Megan Campbell 

Director of Admissions 

The River School

"Truth Tree is my go-to team for Google and Facebook Ads. Their superpower is being able to combine a deep knowledge of digital ad strategy and platforms AND their knowledge of having worked in and understanding schools. That combination is hard to find in the K-12 school space!"

Brendan Schneider
SchneiderB Media, LLC

Truth Tree spent time learning about our story and created a personalized action plan to help our staff interact with parents in a way that is meaningful to them. 

Joy Wilder 


Montesshare Preschool

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